Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth or third molars are the last teeth to form and erupt. Many people have jawbones that are too small to accommodate the wisdom teeth. This results in a lack of space for the wisdom teeth to erupt completely becoming impacted in the jawbone.

Impacted wisdom teeth can be either completely or partially embedded in the jaw. The use of an OPG x-ray will enable us to determine if the tooth is growing horizontally (impacted) or vertically, this will also show how close the roots of your wisdom tooth are growing near the sensory nerve of your jaw. If these teeth are tilted and poorly positioned, often the surrounding gum tissue can get inflamed leading to an infection causing pain or swelling. Signs of an impacted and infected wisdom tooth can be vague pain in the back part of the mouth, difficulty in chewing or opening the mouth wide. Sometimes, an impacted wisdom tooth may cause the other teeth to become crowded, causing alignment problems. Such an impacted wisdom tooth can cause recurring problems and usually needs removal.

Removing impacted wisdom teeth requires special attention to the surrounding bone and tissues. Our dentist are highly experienced to remove wisdom teeth. In extreme situations, if your wisdom teeth is very difficult and/or you prefer the operation to performed under general anaesthesia, we can refer you to our specialist oral surgeons.