Tips for Eating Healthily at Halloween

The amount of high sugar and high-calorie treats is pretty scary at Halloween, and especially if you are trying to eat healthily. We’ve listed a few sneaky tips to help you.

Eat before Trick-Or-Treating

It might be tempting to skip dinner, but it’s far better to eat a healthy, high fibre meal containing protein to keep you satiated. That way, you’ll be less likely to snack on sweets.

Read the Labels

Reading the labels of Halloween treats will help you make smarter choices, and you’ll be more likely to reach for the fun-size portions. Alternatively opt for inedible treats like stickers or crayons.

Plan Your Treats Ahead of Time

You will almost certainly want to indulge, but planning your treats ahead of time can help you stick to a diet. Work out which are worth the calories so you can enjoy them without guilt.

Leave the Car at Home

Everyone will get some exercise if you walk around the neighbourhood instead of driving around. You’ll get to see all the Halloween decorations more clearly too!