Teeth Whitening or Bleaching

Ever wondered what you could do to get a smile that sparkles more! Age, coffee, smoking, or simply naturally darker shades of enamel, all can result in a dull looking smile. If you’ve ever wished you had a brighter smile to add to your personality, then teeth whitening could be for you!

In our practice we use the most modern dental bleaching technology to get results that better, and also more gentle on your teeth. Dental bleaching is safe and can give you teeth that look up to many shades lighter. Best of all it can be done “at home” where you use custom-made trays that’s we make for you, to apply a home dental bleach chemical, usually at night, for a few weeks. After a few weeks you can notice the results; whiter teeth. The bleaching chemical comes in various strengths and concentration. Our dentist will recommend the one that provides the least amount of sensitivity for your teeth.