Porcelain Crown & Bridge

A porcelain crown or bridge is one of the most time-tested dental treatment modalities to help rebuild or restore teeth in an aesthetic way. A crown covers the entire tooth like a shield, recreating lost tooth structure and contours, which usually results from decay, chipping, wear or old faulty fillings. A crown also reinforces the tooth structure beneath, reducing the chances that the tooth below will fracture. Especially, after a root canal we advise a porcelain crown so that the treated tooth is restored and protected from infection, while looking natural. Using two crowns to support a ‘pontic’ or false tooth replacing a missing one forms a bridge. Porcelain crowns and bridges are strong and their highly polished surface helps to easily maintain them free from plaque build up.

The procedure for preparing a porcelain crown or bridge involves a ‘tooth preparation’ where a tooth is shaped so a crown can be later retained on it. We then make a highly accurate impression of the prepared teeth. We also carefully record the natural shade of your teeth, ensuring that the restoration matches your teeth precisely. Our specialist dental laboratory makes a model replica from your impression and designs highly aesthetic dental porcelain crowns and bridges, which are ready to be cemented on to the prepared teeth! So in just a couple of visits, you can walk out with a brighter smile!