Interesting Things Revealed by Your Saliva

We produce an amazing one to two litres of saliva every day. It helps to moisten food and contains enzymes that start the digestion process but can also show problems with your oral or overall health.

Too little saliva is a condition called xerostomia or dry mouth and negatively affects digestion. When your mouth is too dry, it makes it difficult to swallow comfortably and increases the risk of gum disease and tooth decay. Xerostomia may be a side-effect of medications or poor health. If saliva looks white, thick and clumpy, you might have a fungal infection called oral thrush. Your doctor can prescribe antifungal medication. Bitter tasting saliva can indicate acid reflux where acid rises from your stomach into your mouth. When your mouth is too acidic, it can erode your teeth, causing cavities.

During dental exams, we check your mouth carefully for any signs of infection or other problems with saliva and can talk to you about how best to treat them, reducing the effect on your oral health.