How to Make Sure Your Little Bunnies Enjoy the Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

This Easter, why not get creative when planning your Easter egg hunt? Little bunnies and bigger bunnies will love these fun ideas.

Skip the Chocolate Eggs Altogether

Easter egg hunts don’t need to be chocolate focused. Instead, hide eggs filled with small toys or write out some rewards slips such as staying up 15 minutes later one night, or having a lunch date with mum or dad.

Fill the Eggs with Silly Tasks

Place a slip of paper with a silly task such as singing a funny rhyme or doing a handstand or other activities. When the child finds the egg, they bring it back to you, perform the task and get a reward.

Make It into a True Treasure Hunt

Turn your Easter egg hunt into a real treasure hunt by writing out clues that lead them from one egg to the next. If you don’t have time to do this, there are plenty of printable treasure hunts online.

Hide a Golden Ticket Easter Egg for Each Child

Hide a golden ticket for each child taking part in the Easter egg hunt and which can be exchanged for a bigger prize. Ensuring each child receives a golden ticket keeps it fair and enjoyable for everyone, avoiding tears before bedtime!