How to Balance Your Blood Sugar Naturally

Balancing your blood sugar will help you to maintain your energy levels, making the most of summertime.

Choose Protein over Carbs

Eating more protein can significantly improve blood glucose levels and especially for people with Type II diabetes.

Snack on Nuts

Adding tree nuts like pine nuts to high carb meals such as pasta can help manage blood sugar levels more effectively, preventing them from dipping. Nuts are low in carbohydrate but contain plenty of protein, magnesium and fibre.

Eat Foods with a Low Glycaemic Load

Choosing foods with a lower glycaemic load ensures glucose levels don’t spike. Healthy foods to choose include sweet potatoes, most non-starchy vegetables and fruits, and legumes.

Get Plenty of Sleep

The longer, lighter days can jeopardise sleep patterns, and most people need at least seven hours of sleep a night so your brain can restore blood glucose levels to normal. People who only sleep a few hours each night have a reduced ability to break down blood sugar.