Give Your Kids a Lifelong Gift – Establishing a “Dental Home”

Every parent wants their child to enjoy all the benefits of a healthy smile, and it’s essential to establish a “dental home” while your kid is still very young. A dental home is a trusted family dentist where children are welcomed and where everyone works as a team to help a child grow up with strong, cavity-free teeth. One problem is that many parents, although extremely caring, don’t realise their child needs to see a dentist at a very young age.

Ideally, a child should first see a dentist by age one or soon after the first tooth erupts. Although they are still very young, it’s an excellent opportunity for them to become accustomed to having their mouth examined gently, and to get used to all the strange sights, sounds and smells in a dental office. Otherwise, there is a risk that a child won’t see a dentist until they have a problem and are in discomfort, and they may develop negative associations with their first dental visit.

Dr Smile is a family-oriented practice, and we love working with parents and kids. We can show you how to look after your child’s teeth, and when they are older, we can work with your kid directly, turning dental education into a positive and fun experience.