Each March we Celebrate World Oral Health Day, but What Does this Mean for You?

You may not have heard of World Oral Health Day, but it’s a pretty significant event for dental professionals. Here at Dr Smile, it’s a time when we strive even harder to inspire our patients to take the best possible care of their teeth and gums so they can enjoy excellent oral health year-round. Unfortunately, all too many people have avoidable diseases like tooth decay and gum disease, conditions that can significantly impact oral health and everyday activities. Without a healthy mouth, it’s much trickier to eat properly and to enjoy a comprehensive choice of foods, and people with poor oral health frequently feel self-conscious about talking and smiling with others. Thanks to numerous clinical studies, we now know that poor oral health negatively affects general health, increasing the likelihood of developing serious diseases or that any already present could worsen.

The good news is that good oral health is an achievable goal for everyone. Our experienced dental team here at Dr Smile can provide expert care to restore and maintain dental health and to enjoy all the benefits it brings. We love working with our patients, helping them to look after their mouth more effectively, so if you are due for a checkup, why not visit us this March?