Are You Recovering from the Sugar Craze? How to Clean Off the Sweet Stuff

During the holiday season, it’s tempting to snack frequently but when you eat little and often it can be more damaging for your teeth compared with having big meals. The biggest risk when you snack frequently and especially on the sweet stuff is that sugar will coat your teeth for longer.

Whenever you eat something sweet, it feeds mouth bacteria that thrive on leftovers and which produce acid as a byproduct. It’s the increase in acidity levels that can damage your teeth, causing acid erosion that weakens tooth enamel and eventually causes cavities. Consequently, it’s far healthier for your teeth to have sugary treats all in one go. Once you’ve eaten them, you can think about how to clean the remaining sugar off your teeth. However, while your mouth is more acidic, it’s best not to brush immediately and to wait at least half an hour for your mouth to get back to a more alkaline level.

In the meantime, one of the most helpful things you can do is to have a piece of cheese. It helps to restore alkaline levels more quickly and chewing cheese can disrupt the action of harmful bacteria. Also, because cheese contains calcium, it helps to harden tooth enamel. Another useful thing is to swish your mouth with plain water to remove loose food particles, and it reduces acidity.